-  Three youth committees were formed in three different regions all over Lebanon.

-  Three need assessments were developed for three municipalities.

-  Three municipalities provided LTA with three budgets, as well as cut off account.

-  Recommendations were provided for the amendment of the Public Budget as per the need assessments.

Youth for participatory and accountable municipalities (YPAM)

Funded by the Building alliances for Local Advancement, Development, and Investment – Capacity Building (BALADI CAP), this project was designed to enable the youth within the three selected localities (Majdal Anjar, Nimreen, and Chwaya) to effectively advocate the implementation of good governance practices in municipalities. The project was held in partnership with the Development for People and Nature Association (DPNA) and Youth Initiative (Mubadarat) with a total budget of USD 113, 418. 

These Youth Committees (YCs) attended a series of capacity building workshops in a span of 11 months (from June 2017 till May 2018), to develop their advocacy skills and knowledge on municipal law and budgeting. 

Furthermore, needs-based assessments were conducted in the areas to identify the top priority needs of the local community. The YCs worked towards advocating a participatory form of municipal budgeting in order to address the top priority needs of their communities.

Main activities :

1. Forming three Youth Committees in Majdal Anjar, Nemrin and  Shwaya and hold several meetings with Municipal Officials 
2. Hold capacity building workshops for the Youth Committees (12 youths from each village) on the following topic:
    -  Consensus building;
    -  Good governance, transparency and accountability, and budget;
    -  Comprehending needs-based assessments;
    -  Advocacy and Communication Strategies;
    -  Municipal Law and Citizens’ Rights, e.g., Access to Public Services.
3.     Conduct Rapid Need-Based Assessments with the Support of Youth Committees for each village.
4.     Needs-Based Assessment Report for the three villages.
5.     Hold Town Hall Meetings in the three villages to discuss the report of the need assessment.
6.     Advocate the implementation of the recommendations outcome of the need assessment report.
7.     Assist the municipalities in developing the municipal budget.
8.     Developing the booklet about the phases of the project with the success stories.
9.     Documentary for the project. 
10.    Final event. 



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