Transparent Hearts

Donor: Transparency International - ARK through NUDGE

Partners: NUDGE

Duration:  2020

Total Budget: USD 13,000 


Short Description:

In response to the Beirut Port Explosion, LTA, in cooperation with NUDGE-NGO, has launched Transparent Hearts Initiative to promote transparency in Aid and Reconstruction efforts conducted by CSOs, International Organizations, and other Independent initiatives after the Beirut Blast on the 4th of August, 2020.

Main Activities:

The project consists of LTA and NUDGE

·         Collaborating in supporting LTA’s efforts in building an online platform that promotes transparency in relation to the donations received for relief and reconstruction efforts and how they were managed across CSOs in Lebanon to enhance confidence from both, donors and beneficiaries. 

·         Designing transparency behavioral triggers based on LTA’s Transparency and Accountability standards for the management of Aid in Lebanon. 

·         Organizing online capacity-building webinars and workshops with CSOs on the importance of both transparency and the usage of behavioral insight tools to increase traffic to their donation hotlines. 

·         Conducting behavioral interventions to promote transparency and good governance as well as fight corruption in Lebanon. 

·         Conducting outreach on collaboration initiatives.