Transparency in the Power Sector

Donor: The Enhancing Public Accountability and Trust in Lebanon (EPATL) small grants program is an initiative managed by ARK

Partners: NUDGE

Duration:  2020-2021

Short Description:

Absence of transparency and embedded corruption are obstructing the much-needed reform in the Lebanese Power Sector. Evidence indicates that sporadic application of the Right to Access Information Law (ATI Law No. 28/2017) and absence of citizens’ engagement and awareness in the sector accelerates losses and delays change. In this project LTA is committed to achieve high levels of transparency and integrity in the power sector. 

To achieve the expected impact, this project target supply and demand levels. The first, by pushing for the implementation of the Right to Access Information Law in the power sector, through the publishing of a policy paper assessing “Transparency in the Power Sector”, sending Access to Information requests and a legal brief to the Ministry of Energy and Water outlining the necessity of applying the ATI Law in the power sector. The second, through setting up a power sector open data platform for activists and the general public, building the capacity of 25 young Lebanese professionals on advocacy and challenges facing Electricity reform. The trainees will lead an online advocacy campaign promoting transparency in the power sector. 

Objective 1: Lebanese Government to adopt transparent mechanisms that insure accountability and integrity in the Power Sector and monitor its actions

Outcome 1.1: Youth led Online Advocacy campaign to promote transparency and integrity in the Power Sector 

Output 1.1.1: Advocacy Material: 6 info-graphs + 1 video + 2 online meetings with decision makers 

Output 1.1.2: A legal brief to MoEW advocating for the application of the ATI Law

Output 1.1.3: Research paper on Transparency in the Power Sector in Lebanon

Outcome 1.2: 5 access to information requests sent to public institutions to request electricity related information

Output 1.2.1: 5 ATI requests and follow up 

Objective 2: Lebanese youth capable and capacitated to advocate for a transparent and accountable Power Sector

Outcome 2.1: 25 youth leaders capacitated and aware of the challenges of corruption in the Power Sector

 Output 2.1.1: 25 young professionals selected for project 

Output 2.1.2: 2 days Online capacity building training 

Objective 3: Reliable sources of information accessible to the Lebanese public on the Power Sector in Lebanon

Outcome 3.1: Open data platform which display information and monitor actions taken in relation to the Power Sector in Lebanon and its related stakeholders 

Output 3.1.1: A 48 hours youth based Online Hackathon 

Output 3.1.2: Launching Open Data platform to the public