-  LTA held 13 meetings with MPs from various political poles in the aim of signing the petition in pursue of legislating the draft law and implementing it.
-  LTA has resided to friendly user digital materials to facilitate the understanding of the law.
-  Workshops have covered all of Lebanese provinces on the topics of ATI and Transparency in the Oil & Gas Sector.
-  The law has been adopted during the period of the project.

Transparency in the Oil and Gas Sector in Lebanon

Funded by the Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA), LTA has launched the “Transparency in the Oil & Gas sector in Lebanon” in 2018 with the aim of advocating for the passing of the Transparency in the Oil and Gas Draft Law in Lebanon.

The project has been carried out in a span of ten (10) months (March 2018 - December 2018), where an online petition has been disseminated on social media platforms as well as towards Members of Parliament, and 18 “training” sessions on “the significance of Oil and Gas in Lebanon” and the “Right to Access Information”, have been conducted in the nine governorates.

Main activities:

Develop a Citizens' Guide

Develop five info-graphs and an animation

Hold nine workshops on Transparency in the Oil & Gas Sector

Hold nine Town Hall meetings on the Right to Access Information

Develop and circulate a petition through social media

Hold meetings with Head/Representatives of Parliamentary Blocs

Hold meetings with MPs

Hold a Press Conference / Final Event


Oil & Gas

Files & Infographics