Transparency in the Defence Sector

Donor: Transparency-UK 

Partners: No partners

Duration:  2019-2020

Total Budget: USD 100,218

Short Description:


TI-DS’s work in Lebanon aims to improve the Defence Sector’s understanding of corruption and support the improvement of anti-corruption mechanisms within it. The Lebanese government is one of the most open in the MENA region, and its defence forces have shown determination to improve integrity and transparency in the past. However, the political situation in Lebanon remains fragile and corruption systemic. In 2015, TI-DS’s Government Defence Anti-corruption Index (GDI) identified key areas of concern within the Lebanese Armed Forces, including operations, procurement, and personnel.

With an ongoing conflict and the rise of extremist armed groups, some of which have conducted attacks on the Lebanese territory, in Syria, and high tensions with “Israel”, Lebanon remains at high risk of conflict and instability within its borders.

In partnership with TI-DS, through this project, LTA aims to strengthen anti-corruption mechanisms and reduce corruption risks related to the Lebanese Defence Sector. TI-DS is beginning work in Lebanon, and the present project in conjunction with the updated GDI, which is released annually, helps shape future programming and advocacy in Lebanon.

 Main Activities:

·         Produce two Policy Papers on:

-  Establishing an Anti-corruption Unit within the Lebanese Defence Sector.

-  Promoting Access to Information within the Defence Sector.

·         Social Media Campaign to raise awareness on the role of an Anti-corruption Unit and the Importance of Access to Information within the Defence Sector, Lebanon’s GDI Result, through info-graphs and videos. 

·         A Strategic workshop with the LAF to deepen the understanding and preparedness to reform priority areas vulnerable to corruption.

·         Launching the GDI’s result report.

·         Workshops with the LAF on the following topics:

-  Anti-Corruption Controls in Times of Disasters and Conflicts.

-  Establishing an Anti-Corruption Unit within the Lebanese Defence Sector.

-  Access to Information within the Defence Sector.



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