The Enforcement of Beneficial Ownership in Lebanon - CIPE

·         Donor: CIPE

·         Partners: No partners

·         Duration:  2020-2021

·         Total Budget: USD 81,387


Phase 1: Knowledge and Data production

·         LTA will produce an in-depth situational assessment on Beneficial Ownership in Lebanon, including opportunities and challenges, international best practices, case studies, and SMART recommendations to move forward

·         Informational Material; on Beneficial Ownership importance, current implementation in Lebanon, international best practices, case studies, and recommendations to move forward. (10 info-graphs/1 video)

·         1 Documentary on Beneficial Ownership

·         LTA will monitor beneficiaries of public contracts and international aid and provide data to the public, media, and decision-makers

Phase 2: Awareness Raising and Stakeholders Dialogue

·         Three Panel Discussions with key decision-makers and civil society actors in three different regions in Lebanon

·         One annual National Conference

Phase 3: Advocacy and Lobbying

·         Eight meetings with main parliamentary blocs and relevant Ministries.

·         Six meetings with Influential International Community members to make Beneficial Ownership in Lebanon as a priority on the reform agenda

·         Three info sessions with Media and Bloggers

·         Design and launch an online tracker – Hackaton

·         Launch a nation-wide petition gathering civil society actors’ endorsement of the SMART recommendations on Beneficial Ownership in Lebanon that will be submitted to decision-makers