Strengthening Accountability Networks among Civil Society (SANCUS) aims to contribute to enhancing democratic accountability of public institutions, specifically by empowering civil society organizations (CSOs) to push for a fundamental change to address accountability and anti-corruption discrepancies.

Start date of the project: March 2022

Donors/Partners: TI

Strengthening Accountability Networks among Civil Society (SANCUS)

Main activities of the project:

    • Network Building: a network of CSOs undertakes sustained peer-to-peer sharing of expertise, knowledge, and collective advocacy strategies.
    • Vertical Accountability Actions: CSOs meaningfully engage duty bearers in consultations, redress mechanisms, as well as in the monitoring and scrutiny of their responsiveness throughout the policy and budget cycles.
    • Horizontal Accountability Actions: CSOs more strongly advocate for enhanced parliamentary oversight, as well as stronger democratic accountability institutions and mechanisms, based on systematic monitoring and public reporting on their performance, using digital technologies.
    • Digital Tools: LTA will develop a Public Expenditure Tracking System (PETS) based digital tool which will help CSOs to follow the money and conduct thorough monitoring of the states’ spending and reform progress.