-  The first to provide sessions to introduce the Right to Access Information in four different sectors.

-  Submitted information requests to public administrations to test the commitment to the law.

Promoting the Right to Access Information Law

This project was funded by the National Democratic Institute (NDI) with a total budget of USD 24,000, in a span of 7 months (July 2017 – February 2018).

Having passed the Right to Access Information Law in early 2017, individuals have the right to access information at public administrations. However, many administrative, technical, and social obstacles must still be addressed in order to utilize the Law to its maximum potential. As such, LTA seeks to engage relevant stakeholders, i.e., Journalists, Public Officials, CSOs, and Political Parties) in the implementation and enforcement of this Law as well as effectively advocating towards citizens and foreign nationals to utilize the Law. 

Main Activities:

Series of Conferences on the Access to Information Law targeting: Public Officials, Investigative Journalists, Civil Society Organizations, and Political Party Representatives.

Investigating and reporting on cases of corruption by utilizing the Access to Information Law to uncover violations.

Produce a video on the Right to Access Information Law. 

Developing a toolkit for campaign finance monitoring. 



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