National Endowment for Democracy (NED)

Under the NED project, LTA organized information sessions targeting the youth and university students and discussed anti-corruption controls in aid, while shedding the light on the importance of focusing on corruption in disasters and conflicts. Other information sessions were also conducted and focused on the Right to Access Information Law, and its relevance to achieve transparency in Elections. 

LTA has partnered with Sara Hteit, a Media Trainer specialized in Media Journalism to deliver 10 online sessions on Mobile Journalism giving the chance to the participants to learn filming techniques, and produce informative videos. 

LTA has produced a policy paper on the Central Inspection Bureau, focusing on the jurisdictions of the Central Inspection Bureau and on the complaints about corruption offenses filed to the Lebanese Advocacy and Legal Center (LALAC). Another paper was produced on the Court of Accounts focused on the principles of Transparency and Accountability. Finally, LTA conducted a comparative study on the Governance of the Lebanese government in managing the economic crisis in Lebanon, and examined the governance approaches the Lebanese government adopted in this field and compared these approaches to international standards and best practices in managing economic crises. 

LTA launched an advocacy campaign based on the new Public Procurement Law. It produced videos and infographics to introduce all the main additions made to the old Public Procurement Law, and introduced the additional safeguards that LTA is working on to improve the efficiency of the law:  the Beneficial Ownership regime, the involvement of Civil Society to the Public Procurement Law, and the application of the “Harm vs Public Interest Test”. It also informed the public about the Civil Society Organizations that can monitor the Public Procurement and explained how the New Public Procurement Law enhances transparency, oversight, and accountability.