-  LTA worked on a case where the “Litani” river was filmed with drones, and the video produced was adopted by the Litani River Authority.

-  The landfills were filmed again, and the footages were compared to the ones taken the previous year.

Monitoring and investigating corruption

Following the environmental waste management cases that LTA had worked on in the previous year, LTA received further notices from LALAC on waste management and pollution-related complaints and cases. LTA was able to pursue the activities stated below that were funded by the National Endowment Democracy (NED), from 2017 till 2018. 

Main activity :


LTA conducted investigative cases on the following topics to expose corruption within public administrations:

1. Public Notary

2. Litani River pollution

3. Education of Syrian Refugees

4. Landfill in Tripoli and follow up on the Costa Brava, Bourj Hammoud, and Saida. LTA published the videos based on the results of its investigations.