-  Channeling dialogue between youth and decision makers 

-  Engaging youth in active participation in Advocating for anti-corruption 

-  Youth centered advocacy plan 

Let's talk Anti-Corruption

Empowering nascent activist groups and creating room for structured dialogue is an important initiative in order to advance in curbing corruption and establish a reformed legislative framework.  LTA views it as a core factor today in Lebanon to empower the Lebanese public and mainly youth activist group, who are key players in the movements today, in order to curb corruption and establish good governance. Furthermore, the rationalization of the political and reform discourse is a cornerstone in achieving real structural progress and limiting political manipulation/populism. 

This project consists of supporting and building the capacities of nascent activist groups on the different pillars of anti-corruption in Lebanon and engaging them in LTA’s advocacy. Additionally, this project will be creating a space of dialogue between those nascent groups and the related stakeholders, whether in the governmental or non-governmental sphere, in order to advance legislation work. The project was funded by MAJALAT –Solidar with a total budget of USD 8,952, back in 2020.

Main Activities:
1- Mobilization of nascent activist’s groups in Beirut, Mount Lebanon and North 
2- Two workshops; every workshop took place over 2 separate days and in parallel.  The following topics were covered: 
The Role of Youth in fighting corruption 
The National Anti-Corruption Strategy 
The Right to Access to Information and its law 
The National Anti-Corruption Commission 
The Illicit Enrichment new law
3- Online Panel discussion event between Youth and two MPs
4- 5 trainees-made advocacy visuals
5- 5 opinion pieces produced by trainees and published