Finance Monitoring of the 2018 Parliamentary Elections Campaign

Donor: National Democratic Institute (NDI)

Partners if any: No partners

Duration: February 2018 – August 2018

Geographical Reach: Saida – Jezzine, Tripoli – Mniyeh – Diniyeh, and Zahle


Short Description:

Capitalizing on past monitoring and observation efforts implemented by LTA throughout the 2009 Parliamentary elections and 2010 Municipal elections. LTA actively monitored the campaign financing of candidates/lists throughout the 2018 Parliamentary elections, in addition to the performance of the Elections Supervisory Commission (ESC) and media monitoring of various news outlets. LTA deployed 43 long-term observers within three electoral districts: Saida – Jezzine, Tripoli – Mniyeh – Diniyeh, and Zahle. Additionally, during elections-day, LTA monitored the elections-day in 105 polling stations in the specified districts.


Main Activities:

·         Conduct 360 field observations and long-term observations of the pre-election process and on the election day in three electoral districts: Saida – Jezzine, Tripoli – Mniyeh – Diniyeh, and Zahle

·         Online monitoring of media outlets and the ESC

·         Monthly Press Statements

·         Developed a report on the findings of the Monitoring Process

·         Produced a Draft Law on Amendments to the 2017 Electoral Law

·         Advocated and Lobbied for the Adoption of the Draft Law

·         Produced info-graphs on electoral campaigns’ finances



Files & Infographics