Ensuring Accountability in Reconstruction and Reforms Efforts in Lebanon (EARREL) is a two-year project funded by the German Federal Foreign Office and aiming to ensure greater accountability and transparency in humanitarian aid and reconstruction efforts particularly for those most affected by the Beirut port explosion. The project is a multi-partner action: Led by the Lebanese transparency Association LTA and Lebanese Crisis Observatory (AUB), and supported by the expertise and networks of TI-S.


The project seeks to achieve three main objectives:

-Local civil society and journalist networks better equipped as watchdogs to ensure greater accountability and transparency of humanitarian aid and reconstruction efforts in Lebanon.

-Lebanese state actors better equipped to improve government reforms and manage crises in transparency.

-Lebanese citizens better equipped to report on and monitor corruption, particularly in areas most affected by the explosion

Ensuring Accountability in Reform and Reconstruction Efforts in Lebanon (EARREL)

Main Activities:



1-Develop an Observatory tracker methodology and online platform to conduct research and collect data focused on transparency and accountability aspects of international aid, recovery, and reconstruction.

2-Publishing Policy Paper on good governance in sectors critical to reconstruction and relief in relation to reconstruction, procurement and urban planning.


Monitoring & Advocacy:

1-Publish reports and policy papers based on findings and data provided.

2-Conduct advocacy campaigns targeting governmental and non-governmental stakeholders to monitor implementation of transparency guidelines, raise awareness on the importance of whistleblowing.

3-Publishing Position papers assessing government's commitment in the implementation of anti-corruption legislations.

4-Providing Mobile legal clinic (LALAC Kiosk) rotating in different areas of Beirut, equipped with legal experts to give on the spot consultancy and legal advice.

5-Launching LALAC online mobile app to ask questions and get legal advice on any related issue to corruption/transparency.


Capacity Development:

1.Organize and conduct training workshops on investigative journalism in matters of anti-corruption and transparency.

2.Training State institutions on good governance, anti-corruption and accountability

3.Training Lebanese citizens on citizen-journalism focused on anti-corruption related journalism and media literacy and Information sessions on access to information for citizens of Greater Beirut.