-  7 educational videos to be used in self-learning under SOG.

-  1 video on Transparency in reconstruction, reform, and investigation of the Beirut Port explosion.

-  3 informative videos on governance Laws in Lebanon.

-  Recommendations were provided to MOJ regarding Access to Information decree, which were taken into consideration.

-  Preparation of a draft Law in partnership with MP George Okais, which was handed to the Lebanese parliament.

Advocating for Anti-Corruption Legislative Tools (AACT)

The National Endowment for Democracy funded the project with a total budget of USD 76,000 for two years.

Main Activities:


1- Training of trainers (TOT) for 15 participants on the legislative tools to fight corruption on seven topics will be held in 2021.

2- Production 7 educational videos on NACC, Illegal Enrichment, Whistleblower Protection, Court of Account, Public Procurement, Central Inspection and Transparency in Gas & Oil, these videos will be used on the School of Governance.

3- Three informative short videos on the Legislative tools to fight corruption following the topic below:

-  Role of LTA in implementing and amending the Right to Access Information Law 

-  Role of Civil Society in Monitoring Public Procurement 

-  Combatting Corruption in the Public Sector and the Establishment of the National Anti-corruption Commission

5- Ten short informative videos. ((بكل شفافية

6- Online Monitoring and evaluation of parliamentary activity in Lebanon through the monitoring of the official gazette and the production of six info graphs.

7- Communication and Social Media campaign

-  Producing a video on the Beirut Port Blast of August 4, 2020

-  6 Info graphs about the fighting Corruption laws

8- Three Online Panel Discussions;

-  With Bassel Fleihan Institute of Finance on Public Procurement

-  With General Director of the Ministry of Economy and Trade Dr. Mohammad Abou Haidar on the role of the Ministry of Economy in protecting citizens and promoting transparency

9- Three Legal Review Papers on the following topics:

-  Court of Account

-  Public Procurement

-  Central inspection



Files & Infographics