Advocating for Anti-Corruption Legislative Tools (AACT)

Donor: National Endowment for Democracy

Partners: No partners

Duration:  2020-2021

Total Budget: USD 38,000

Short Description: 

·         Training of Trainers (TOT) for fifteen participants on the legislative tools to fight corruption on seven topics will be held in 2021

·         Production of 7 educational videos on the National Anti-Corruption Commission, Illicit Enrichment, Whistleblower Protection, Court of Account, Public Procurement, Central Inspection Bureau, and Transparency in the Gas & Oil, these videos will be used within LTA’s School of Governance

·         Three informative short videos on the Legislative tools to fight corruption on the following topics:

- Role of LTA in pushing for the implementation of the Right to Access Information Law.

-  Role of LTA in pushing for the implementation of the Combatting Corruption in the Public Sector and the Establishment of the National Anti-Corruption Commission

-  Role of CSOs in Monitoring Public procurement

·         Ten short informative videos ((بكل شفافية

·         Online Monitoring and evaluation of Parliamentary activity in Lebanon through the monitoring of the Official Gazette and the production of six info-graphs

·         Communication and Social Media campaign

-  Production of a video on the 4th of August, 2020 Beirut Blast.

-  6 info-graphs on Anti-Corruption Legislative Tools.

·         Three Online Panel Discussions;

-  With Bassel Fleihan Institute of Finance on “Public Procurement”.

-  With the Directorate General of the Ministry of Economy and Trade Dr. Mohammad Abou Haidar on “the role of the Ministry of Economy and Trade in protecting citizens and promoting transparency”.

-  With the form minister Ziad Baroud on “How can we combat corruption in crises through the available mechanisms?”

·         Three Legal Review Papers on the following topics:

-    INTOSAI Principles; Transparency and Accountability Principles as Guideline to Court of Accounts.

-    The Role of CSOs in Monitoring Public Procurement.

-    The Role of the Central inspection Bureau in Combatting Corruption in Light of Complaints Submitted to LALAC.



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