Mapping Brochures



-  3 outreach sessions were prepared in three regions with the presence of the regions’ MPs.

-  1 conference held on the International Right to Access Information Day.

-  Access to Information mapping brochure was developed in partnership with the Office of the Minister of State for Administrative Reform to be distributed to public administrations.

Access to Information

As a main pillar of the anti-corruption efforts, the Right to Access Information Law was passed on by the Lebanese Parliament in February 2017. The Lebanese Government committed to adopting the implementation decrees for the Law to ensure its execution within all Lebanese public administrations. 

LTA worked on implementing this project aiming to promote the culture of anti-corruption nationally, and among its main strategic goals through advocacy campaigns and monitoring the implementation of the laws and policies in the country. The project was funded by UNESCO in 2019 with a total budget of USD 10000.

Main activities:

Under the scope of this project, LTA conducted the following three main activities:

1. A National Conference was held in Beirut on the International Right to Access Information Day on the 28th of September

2. 3 Outreach Sessions were to raise awareness of the Right to Access Information Law, to the public sector and citizens in Dahieh, Chtoura and Tripoli

3. Right to Access Information Brochure

This brochure provided a detailed guidance to citizens on all the steps related to filing an Information Request. The brochure also illustrates the process that should be undertaken by the public servant when replying to information requests. Moreover, the hotline of the Lebanese Advocacy and Legal Advice Center (LALAC), which operates under the oversight of LTA, was dedicated to receiving ATI-related complaints.



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