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Duration:  2019


Short Description:

As a main pillar of the anti-corruption efforts, the Right to Access Information Law was adopted by the Lebanese Parliament in February 2017. The newly formed Lebanese government committed to developing an Implementation Decree for the Law to ensure its execution within all Lebanese public administrations. Through the passage of this law, the principle of transparency can be strengthened. LTA is the leading CSO aiming to promote the culture of anti-corruption nationally, and among its main strategic goals are advocacy campaigns and monitoring the implementation of laws and policies across different sectors.

Main Activity:

Under the scope of this project, LTA conducted the following three main activities:

·         A National Conference in Beirut on the Right to Access Information Day ‘28th of September’.

·         3 larger Outreach sessions were conducted to raise awareness on the Right to Access Information Law, with a focus on the public sector and citizens. (Dahieh, Chtuara, Tripoli)

·         ATI Brochure Mapping

These brochures provided detailed guidance to citizens on the steps related to filing an ATI request. The brochure also illustrates the process undertaken by the public servant when replying to Information Requests. Moreover, the hotline of the Lebanese Advocacy and Legal Advice Center (LALAC), which operates under the oversight of LTA, was dedicated to receiving ATI-related complaints.



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