Despite the crises, elections on time as a tool for accountability!

11 August 2021

Less than a year before the parliamentary and municipal elections were held in Lebanon, the Lebanese


Transparency rebuilds Beirut

04 August 2021

On the first memorial of the explosion that rocked the Lebanese capital on August 4, 2020, the Leban


Panel Discussion - Who is going to rebuild Beirut

22 April 2021

LTA’s Panel Discussion entitled “Who is going to build Beirut?” that brought together national and i


The National Anti-Corruption Commission Campaign

14 April 2021

LTA launched a campaign about the National Anti-Corruption Commission that still hasn’t been formed


Webinar - Our Gas … Our Oil

13 April 2021

A Webinar was jointly organized by LTA and LOGI: Lebanese Oil and Gas Initiative to discuss the chal


Meeting with ARPAC

12 April 2021

LTA met with the Arab Region Parliamentarians against Corruption (ARPAC) to discuss the latest devel


Panel Discussion - Asset Recovery Law

01 April 2021

Based on the ongoing debate on Asset Recovery since October 17, 2019, and the Lebanese Parliament's


Transparent Hearts Workshop

24 March 2021

Under the framework of the “Transparent Hearts” Initiative, LTA has organized a workshop revolving a


Workshop on Advocating for a Transparent Power Sector

15 March 2021

LTA has organized a workshop to teach the participants on “How to Advocate for a Transparent Power S