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Sunday, May 15, 2022

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LTA has aimed to monitor the Lebanese parliamentary elections of May 2022 following a threefold plan, focusing on monitoring campaign finance, elections transparency, and vote-buying.

Firstly, LTA conducted campaign finance monitoring through its media monitoring and fact checking unit, based on social media monitoring of candidates’ online campaign expenditures as well as social media generated reports. It also included assessing responses of electoral candidates and the Supervisory Committee on Elections (SCE) to requests for information on campaign financing submitted by LTA, which will also allow the assessment of transparency in elections. LTA will also be developing an index on campaign financing which will include the production of a campaign finance methodology using KIIs and FGDs. Upon monitoring media, assessing responses of the stakeholders and applying the index, LTA will be issuing a Campaign Finance Monitoring Report which will be shared with the SCE and the NACC in case of specific complaints, and used as evidence for advocacy through social media campaigns. LTA will mobilize and strengthen the capabilities of its media monitoring and fact checking unit in order to implement this monitoring and advocacy component in the period leading to and following the elections.

Secondly, LTA has monitored transparency in elections through the adaptation and application of an index on transparency in elections. The index, part of which is already developed by LTA, will encompass indicators on proactive disclosure, responsiveness to ATI requests, procurement process transparency, as well as statistics on violations and violators including electoral candidates and media channels.

Thirdly, LTA has monitored vote-buying in the elections through the mobilization of its Lebanese Advocacy and Legal Advice Center (LALAC). LALAC has conducted extensive outreach activities to the general public and to political parties using social media and targeted letters in order to promote the services of LALAC and encourage the safe reporting of vote-buying cases. Reports on such cases will be consolidated on LALAC’s data management system Salesforce in order to generate reports and statistics. Evidence on this data will be used to conduct advocacy through social media campaigns.

All findings from this three-folder monitoring and advocacy campaign will be made available in both Arabic and English in order to maximize the impact of the findings through optimizing outreach to local and international communities.


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