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Thursday, May 5, 2022

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Have you ever considered what Lebanon’s corruption currency would look like?

Have you ever wondered how can several malversational operations that have hit Lebanon over the last decade, be aesthetically emerged with, yet, Lebanon’s biggest financial fraud?


The Lebanese Transparency Association – No Corruption (LTA), Transparency International national Chapter has launched its most recent and evoking campaign “Lollar – Currency of Corruption” at D Beirut in Karantina on Thursday, 5th of May, 2022 with the presence of several local, regional and international NGO representatives, along with journalists, bloggers and media influencers.


Giant “Lollar” bills, hanging in mid-air, as a reminder to the Lebanese people that is our deceiving new-normal, an emerging way of life that keeps abolishing and wrecking an entire country.


LTA’s President Dr. Mosbah Majzoub took the floor in the matter of explaining the source of inspiration of these bills which are valued at 1, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100, that represent each subsequently, the annulation of the public transportation, the perennial fuel crisis, the asphyxiating garbage crisis, the atrocity of the recurrent fires that erupt and ignite Lebanon’s forests, and lastly the most brutal act of all, the Beirut port explosion that killed more than 200 people, injured more than 6,500 and has collapsed more than 300 000 homes.

These evil and empowered man-made acts have been meticulously painted by the British Artist Tom Young and have been intercalated on each bill in order to portray all these violent, vicious and heartbreaking situations that the country has been through.


This campaign is a message and an initiative that the Lebanese people have had enough.

We will not partake in this, an economic crisis that doesn’t want to be ceased!

We will not adapt to this mockery anymore, we are #NotPayingThePrice.


In order to retrieve what this country has lost, and in order to rebuild a bigger and better financial sector, LTA invites the public to join this campaign, first by paying with the Lollar currency, which will be disbursed to the public on May 13th, and second by advocating for a monetary disobedience day!


Join us as we bid adieu to a fraudulent and fallacious paper money and strive to regain our country back!


Read more about our launching event.


To discover more about our “Lollar – Currency of Corruption” campaign, check its website and stay connected with us on our Social Media platforms, as we will definitely keep you posted on our latest updates!