Our Vision

A Lebanon with well governed, transparent and accountable institutions, free of corruption and built on the rule of law

Our Mission

To promote transparency and integrity as well as prevent and fight corruption through collaboration, advocacy and active engagement, in public, private and non-governmental organizations

Meet Our Team

Dr. Mosbah Majzoub


Dr. Fadi Maki


Mr. Jamal Bleik


Mr. Badri El Meouchi

Board Member

Mr. Ibrahim Tabet

Board Member

Mr. Elias Ghanime

Board Member

Mr. Julien Courson

Executive Director

Mr. Ziad El-Chami

Finance and Administration Coordinator

Ms. Pamela Chemali Raffoul

Head of Programs

Mr. Gaby Harrak

Project Lead

Mr. Joe Jabbour

Project Lead

Ms. Carol Sabty Awad

Head of the Lebanese Advocacy and Legal Advice Center (LALAC)

Ms. Manale Haddad

Media And Communications Coordinator

Mr. Mohammad Ali Moghabat

Senior Legal Officer

Mr. Tarek Mahfouz

Graphic and Multimedia Designer

Mr. Fouad Salhab

Monitoring & Evaluation (MEL) Officer

Me. Rana El Khoury

Legal Advisor

Ms. Asmaa Ibrahim Fares

Research and Coordination Assistant

Ms. Christelle Saadé

Media & Communications Executive Assistant

Ms. Hoda Moussa





Media Production

WrkSp / CONF



Transparency International