Conflict of Interest

The association or any of its positions shall not be used for private interest, whether direct or indirect. It is the obligation of the association's executive board, its administration, and its members to report any case of potential conflict of interest. If a conflict of interest arises, the member or members in question shall be excluded from the work of the association related to those interests. In case of any disagreement on evaluating a case of conflict of interest, the executive board or any of its members (including the person in question) has the right to present the case to the Ethics Committee.



LTA applies the principles of transparency in its work, especially relating to issues of funding and finance, as well as in all decisions, published statements, views and communiqués that it releases. In the same way, all the members have the right to attend the meetings of the executive board and of the specialized committees. The only exceptions to such provisions pertain to information that LTA has obtained on condition of confidentiality. In cases of insistence to access such information, the association transfers the request to the Ethics Committee, which would take a binding decision.


Equal Opportunity

LTA follows an equal opportunity policy and applies equality while dealing with all individuals with no discrimination on the basis of gender, age, religion, confession, disability, social class, personal acquaintance, geographical origin, blood ties, ethnic or political background. Claimants of discrimination have the right to resort to the Ethics Committee to investigate the alleged breach.



LTA functions according to the principles of democracy in its elections, decision-making and work. Any member may present her/his candidacy for the executive board or for joining any of the specialized committees.



The executive board assumes responsibility for all its actions, policies and decisions vis-à-vis its constituency and its members, whom it encourages to hold it accountable continuously. LTA holds yearly at least one general assembly meeting where it distributes the financial report and discusses the budget as well as the activities report.


Application of the Code of Ethics

All members of LTA will commit in their application form to abide by the association's code of ethics within their work with the association, and not to contradict it in their other activities. All employees of LTA should commit to abide by the association's code of ethics in their contracts. In case of a suspected breach of the code of ethics by any of the members or employees, LTA encourages filing a complaint to the Ethics Committee. The Committee would investigate the breach, make its decision accordingly, and inform the members. The persons involved have the right to present their cases to the executive board. All complaints are dealt with in high confidentiality, and shall not be used against any member or the persons who presented them.

A specialized committee called the "Ethics Committee", is established and formed of three members with knowledge, experience and courage, one of whom is from the executive committee, while the other two are from the general assembly (with the exception of board members). The term of the Committee's membership is two years renewable. The Ethics Committee is in charge of interpreting the clauses and rulings that the code of ethics contains and any conflict arising from it, according to the request of the chairman, any member of the association, or any party of interest. The Committee will investigate the case and collect the necessary information to fulfill its mission on the basis of neutrality and objectivity. The committee has the right to access all the documents of the association with no exceptions. It will take its decisions by majority votes. Its decisions shall be binding.