Transparency in the Private Sector

Lebanon Anti-Bribery Network

This project is funded by the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) and will run until October 31st, 2014.

Goals & Objectives

-To enhance Lebanese citizens’ knowledge of their rights under the law and empower them  to exercise their rights;

-To enhance the capacity of the local civil society to advocate effectively  against corruption;

-To enhance existing community networks to promote grassroots organization aimed at increasing awareness of rights and encourage sustained civic participation; and

-To foster an inclusive, national anti-corruption awareness-raising and outreach campaign.

Expected results

-To strengthen the capacity of the Lebanon Anti-Bribery Network (LABN) to build local ownership, promote long term sustainability, and to contribute to the development of a democratic structure.

-To increase awareness among citizens and SMEs of their rights so that they are better equipped to refuse or choose not to engage in corrupt acts.

-To empower citizens so that they can collectively advocate for their rights and stronger rule of law in Lebanon.

-To encourage companies to adopt anti-bribery policies.

Team in charge

Sabine Maroun: Project Manager

Ayman Dandash and Said Issa: Project Assistants

Pamela Zouein: Finance and Accounting Manager

Hazar Assi: Communication and Social Media Manager

List of events and activities:

-August 2014: Public event in Beirut souks.

-Series of workshops on Access to Information and Bribery issues.

-September 2014: LABN closure event including launching of two guidebooks and distribution of transparency awards.