Democratization & Public Accountabillity

Sharaka -1

Donor: Transparency International (TI), Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Lebanese Renaissance Foundation (LRF), German Foreign Ministry

Duration: November 2016 – December 2016

Total Budget: USD 74,000

Geographical Reach: Covering all of Lebanon’s territory

The Sharaka project directly engaged citizens in Lebanon in the fight against corruption by providing free legal advice through the Lebanese Advocacy and Legal Advice Center (LALAC). The project involved a range of awareness raising and outreach efforts to inform citizens on their legal rights as well as empower them to report cases of corruption.

Main Activities:

-          A national billboard campaign promoting the LALAC hotline;

-          A series of SMS waves targeting victims of corruption (each SMS wave emphasizing a different sector)

-          15 outreach sessions around Lebanon to inform both citizens and refugees on their legal rights as well as encourage them to report cases to LALAC

-          A three-day workshop on Investigative Journalism which trained 23 junior journalists.