Democratization & Public Accountabillity

Time to Wake up

What is Corruption?

Corruption is the abuse of entrusted power for private gain.
Corruption is when a family has to choose between paying a bribe so that a doctor will see its sick child, and putting food on the table.
Corruption is when thousands of people die in an earthquake beneath collapsed buildings because safety inspectors were bought off.
Corruption is when bureaucrats steal public money to buy mansions and cars instead of investing it in low-cost housing and public transport.
Corruption has many forms. It causes sleepless nights for millions of people – but too often not for the corrupt. Transparency International is working to change that.

If you think you’re not affected by corruption – you’re wrong.
Corruption hurts all of us in different ways. In some countries, corruption takes place behind closed doors, invisible to most people – but they nevertheless still suffer its consequences.
In many countries, people have to deal with corruption on a daily basis, with the result that the poor do not have access to the most basic public services.
But just because corruption is part of all of our lives, it doesn’t mean we have to accept it. Find out how people around the world are stopping corruption.

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