Democratization & Public Accountabillity

Asset Declaration

Goals & Objectives:

The project's main diagnostic approach was to use a participatory qualitative methodology in the form of semi-structured interviews that looks to capture the correlation between national legislation and operations of the identified Transparency International Global Best Practice Report on Asset Declarations.

Expected results:

A. From the local researchers:

1.The first phase of the project is for the national researchers to collect for review by the lead researcher existing laws, regulations and national policies that identify key elements of asset disclosure systems in their country. This national overview will reflect the key findings of the paper produced for the asset declarations by the TI Secretariat.

2. The second phase of the project focuses on conducting semi-structured interviews either in individuals or groups based on the key elements identified above.

B. From the Lead researcher:

1. Phase three: in phase 3 of the project, the lead researcher will write national reports on the asset disclosure system of each country based on the translated collection of applicable laws and policies and the results of the semi-structured interviews. Drawing from the available material, the lead researcher will make an assessment as to how closely aligned the national asset declaration regime is with the draft TI global standard and to identify best practices or gaps that exist at the country level.

Team in charge:

The local researchers are:

 Surname Country
 Ahmad Zaki
 Osman Egypt
 Safieddine Tunisia
 Bou Dagher Lebanon
 Zirari Morocco
 Al-Barghouti Palestine
 Ouchen Morocco
 El haddi Yemen
 El hak Ammar Tunisia
 Lawaj Libya