Democratization & Public Accountabillity


Goals & Objectives:
  • To assist 5 Municipalities in developing or updating a template of internal bylaws, policies and procedures and to promote transparency and good governance;
  • To introduce the participants to “local advocacy” techniques and to emphasize the role that women can play in advocacy at the local level,
  • To introduce the participant to tools for building credibility and ownership, participation and networking, and coalition building;
  • To raise awareness on good municipal governance, the municipal decision-making process, and active citizen participation to provide participants, through training of trainers (ToT) and coaching, with the know-how to transfer knowledge and raise awareness on civic education and municipal work to community constituents, with a particular focus on reaching out to women, youth and vulnerable individuals.
  • To define the process and various levels of community mobilization, including clarifying concepts, methods, and tools of community mobilization including women’s roles in community mobilization at the local level,
  • To encourage municipalities to practice transparency and community engagement, by training them on how to reach out to constituents, ways to disseminate information, best international practices and how to reach out to women versus men in a local community, and women’s role and contribution to municipal transparency and community outreach in rural and urban areas.

  • Results:
    • 5 municipalities took part in the project
    • The project engaged 112 participants (51% women)
    • Simplified development plans were established for the municipalities of Ehmej, Khenshara and Kousba, taking women’s contribution into account

    Team in charge: Karim El-Houssami-Ayman Dandach-Nadine Merhi and Said Issa.