Democratization & Public Accountabillity

Medical Error Accountability (MEAC)

Goals & Objectives
The main goal of this project is contributing in promoting a culture of medical error accountability in Lebanon. The project's goal is attained through the following objectives:
1) Defining the elements of accountability that acknowledge the responsibilities of system leaders and clinicians while providing care, as well as their responsibilities after an event occurs;
2)Analyzing the existing laws and identifying potential gaps.
3) Proposing concrete and practical steps that can be taken to close them.
4)Advocating for policy reform and patient safety

Expected results
        •A research paper will be developed in line with the project’s goals and objectives. The research exercise is intended to examine the current situation concerning medical errors and malpractices in Lebanon, despite the absence of clear and accurate figures on this phenomenon, in an attempt to promote a culture of transparency and accountability. The research will define elements of accountability within the health system- especially those who are in direct contact with patients: physicians, hospitals, and health care providers. The ultimate aim of the paper will be identifying gaps in existing laws, regulations, and practices surrounding this issue in order to advocate for policy reform and patient safety- both being core elements of transparency and accountability.
        •A roundtable event will be held in order to present the key research findings and to involve stakeholders in discussing several areas around this sensitive issue.

Team in charge: Mr. Atallah al-Salim, researcher at the Lebanese Transparency Association, is the one tasked to draft the research paper.