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Lebanese Advocacy and Legal Advice Center (LALAC)


The Lebanese Advocacy and Legal Advice Center (LALAC) is an initiative launched by The Lebanese Transparency Association-No Corruption. LALAC is based on a model developed by Transparency International and implemented in more than 50 countries in the world, adapted to the Lebanese context.

LALAC aims to inform citizens about their legal rights and encourages victims and witnesses to take action against cases of corruption. By generating dialogue on issues of corruption and developing working relationships with relevant government and private institutions, LALAC is able to shed light on citizens’ concerns and complaints about corruption on a national scale. LALAC draws on information gained from cases to lobby relevant authorities for concrete, evidence-based reforms that lead to better local governance. As part of this effort, LTA is currently advocating for the passage of legislation on Access to Information and Whistleblower Protection.

Free services for victims and witnesses of corruption:

Everyone residing in Lebanon can access LALAC’s free services, including Lebanese citizens and non-Lebanese citizens residing in Lebanon. The Lebanese Transparency Association is committed to the principles of equality and non-discrimination on the basis of gender, age, religion, disability, social class, geographical origins, and political background.

Our free services include:

  • Support  for victims and witnesses of corruption
  • Free legal advice and assistance to develop a strong corruption case file
  • Referral of select cases to a law firm willing to represent the victim or witness
  • Opening public discussion and dialogue on corruption issues
  • Working closely with relevant governmental and private institutions to address corruption-related cases
  • Building body of evidence to lobby public authorities for needed reforms
  • Coordinating with media to shine a spotlight on corruption
  • Partnering with other civil society organizations to build an effective public interest network

LALAC's services do not include the provision of legal assistance or counseling on court cases or representation for plaintiffs in court. We do not issue documents certifying the existence or non-existence of corruption and do not target any individual or legal entity.


Contact us:

Our offices are open from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm, Monday through Friday. Please call or email us to report a case of corruption, or for more information about our program.

Hotline: 03-868-303

Please call to make an appointment to visit us at our office in Beirut (Manhattan Bldg, 5th Floor, Sami El Solh Blvd, Badaro).

LALAC observes strict client confidentiality!

We appreciate the courage it takes to speak up about cases of corruption, and we are dedicated to protecting our clients' confidentiality. In a number of campaigns, we allow individuals to retain their anonymity in order to encourage the largest participation from the community.

Every voice counts!

LALAC's Legal Department uses all complaints and testimonies of corruption as important evidence for our advocacy, lobbying and awareness raising efforts.  Given the enormous scope and extent of corruption in Lebanon, however, LALAC gives priority to complaints and testimonies that affect the entire community.

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