Plain Language Guide

Transparency International has developed a draft Plain Language Guide, which is a short reference document that will function as key resource for the anti-corruption movement. It is intended to provide Transparency International (TI), its national chapters (NCs) and anti-corruption partners with a set of standardised and easy-to-understand definitions to facilitate their daily work, projects, advocacy and country-level engagement.

The Plain Language Guide provides a collection of forty essential anti-corruption terms, each with a working definition and example to demonstrate what the concept means in practice. Apart from TI and its network of national chapters, the work of partners from across the anti-corruption movement is referenced to help compile definitions that can be easily used and adapted to support anti-corruption initiatives and advocacy in different country contexts.

LTA along with Chapters of TI in Bangladesh, Kenya, Romania, South Korea, and Zambia, has contributed to the review of the Plain Language Guide